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Commercial Renovations

8 Tips for Commercial Builds

Before building a new commercial building or investing in a significant commercial renovation, it’s essential first to make sure it’s the right step for your company. If it will suit your companies needs and goals, boost productivity, or allow the company to take the next step forward, and there are funds available to do so, it’s the right choice. Now it’s time to tackle the planning and building process.

Invicta Construction specializes in commercial buildings and renovations. Here are some tips to remember when it comes to tackling a commercial build:

1. Don’t try to create the budget alone

Budgeting for a new commercial building project is different than a home renovation or even a simple commercial renovation in Edmonton. Before you sit down to crunch out those numbers alone, consider hiring some professional help. There are many factors, circumstances, and details involved that can all affect the final cost. Beyond just the cost for the materials and labour for the physical building, the location will affect prices. If you’re building in a new part of the city, expect that certain areas will be more expensive than others. Still, a more expensive location may be worth the initial investment if the long-term payback is worthwhile. These are all things a professional can help you consider.

Interior costs as well, whether a new office space or added facilities, will vary. For example, make sure to budget for electricity, lighting, materials for doors and windows, a sound HVAC system, and any other little details that help attract tenants or customers.

It may seem overwhelming, but professional help can make the process much more comfortable. A professional can not only help accurately project the costs but may notice other factors to include. Once you have a budget, bring it to your bank for a second professional opinion and review your finances entirely. They’ll let you know if the price per square foot and the overall cost is accurate and a fair estimate.

2. Make a contingency plan and budget

In an ideal construction world, your commercial build would go up without any problems, setbacks, or delays. Realistically, that isn’t a guarantee. Once you have a set budget and timeline, create a second budget as a contingency. That should account for weather systems that set back work, unforeseen problems, such as mould or structural issues, and any other “what if” scenarios. A good rule of thumb for your contingency budget is to set aside an additional 5% to 10%. That should be enough to cover any problems, and even if nothing serious comes up, you have the peace of mind of a backup in case.

Also, make a game plan of how to deal with issues in case they happen. Who will you speak to for help? Who will be in charge of handling the work, or will you need to call in an outside expert? Having a plan will save time and stress in the moment, should anything come up.

3. Secure finances after budget creation

Once you have a clear budget and contingency budget, look into your source of finances. Commercial builds and commercial renovations in Edmonton are significant investments, so you don’t want to start building before you have a guaranteed means to finance it. Start with your bank, even as early as possible, and secure their involvement from the start. A bank advisor can help look over your budget, determine the project timeline, and suggest any areas to improve or change. They’ll also provide suggestions for financing the project, whether a loan, bridge loan, or other means.

4. Remember the little details

It’s easy to get caught up in the bigger picture of a new building and the exterior details, but don’t forget the little details. Things such as indoor air quality, good lighting, future maintenance, and security measures are all just as important. Are you planning to have landscaping around the building? Then make sure to include that into the design of the building itself. Energy efficiency is another prominent feature to have, not just for appearance sakes but also for your new building’s long-term savings and improvements. The more detailed and prepared your building plan is now, the less likely that it will need to be renovated again in just a few years. All of these details will be included in your final budget.


5. Start getting permits early

Commercial builds will typically need several permits depending on the type of building and involved work. A building permit will always be necessary for a new build, while trade permits such as electricity, plumbing, or gas, will depend on the building. Development permits are typically also required for new projects or any additions to a current structure. Waiting until the last minute to start applying or looking into a commercial building permit application permits invites the real risk of delaying your project. Without all the right permits in place, the construction team can’t begin work. Working with an experienced contractor, like Invicta Construction, who knows the proper permits, will help ensure a much smoother process overall.

6. Don’t skip on expert work

It may be tempting to try and save more by not hiring specific experts, like an architect or interior designer, but it’s not worthwhile. For major projects like a commercial build, you want every expert available to ensure that your finished building is well worth every investment.

An architect, for example, can help maximize the function and efficiency of the building. Similarly, an interior designer can help pick colours, finishings, and a layout to boost employee productivity. Every expert plays a key role, so you want a well-rounded team to support your commercial build. Having a diverse group will also make it easy to ensure you cover all the right commercial building permit applications.

Part of hiring the right team should also include careful screening of their experience. Besides what services they provide, look at old projects, especially ones similar to what you are planning. How many years of experience do they have? What certifications do they hold, and what do past clients and customers say? Even the contractor you will work with should be carefully investigated and not just hired based on the quote you received alone.

7. Make a plan for how your business will operate during construction

Don’t focus all your time and attention on the construction project and ignore your current business. Neglecting current customers, clients, or employees will do just as much harm as overlooking your new build. Take the time to address how things will operate on the site even when you aren’t present. How will you communicate with the head contractor? Have you set up days and times that you can visit that work around your current business? Decide who will handle minor problems or what more significant problems should reach you. Proper management and delegation will ensure that there is no performance or business loss during the construction process.

8. Be familiar with the building team to resolve conflicts

The best way to handle any disputes or avoid misunderstandings is to know your building team. Who reports to whom, what subcontractors are on-site and when, and how can you reach them? Keep in mind that there will likely be two different crews, the ground crew, and the finishing crew.

Understanding the hierarchy within your building team will make conflict resolution much easier for your commercial renovations in Edmonton. Just like unforeseen setbacks, there is no guarantee against conflicts arising, such as a misunderstanding with a new design plan or miscommunication between your architect and contractor. Being prepared, however, will ensure that the problem doesn’t escalate.

Make sure you are also aware of who is legally responsible for liabilities or defects. A contractor is responsible for their subcontractors and is bound to the terms of a contract. Just like in your own business, understand the legalities and role of responsibilities to resolve any issues smoothly.

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