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We focus on the management and execution of commercial construction projects in Edmonton. Our core services include landlord work, tenant improvements, light industrial, commercial new builds, and renovations.

Landlord Improvements

Also known as landlord turnkey construction, allows landlords to renovate their spaces-for-lease to they can attract tenants. Typically, a landlord and tenant will agree with what improvements will take place in a formal agreement. The tenant will provide specific plans for the improvement and cost estimates, and the landlord covers the cost. Sometimes, the cost will come out of the tenant’s rent over time, depending on the agreement. The benefit of doing this as a landlord is that you don’t have to worry about a tenant changing the space in a way you disapprove of.

Tenant Improvements

The concept for tenant improvements is the same as landlord improvements, except the tenant is more in control. Often a landlord will provide a tenant improvement allowance to build-out the space, and the tenant will work with construction project managers like Invicta Construction to complete the improvement.

Light Industrial

Light industrial includes construction and renovations of large spaces, including shipping facilities, warehouses, storage spaces, and manufacturing facilities. Each project is completed according to your specifications, to enhance the space and improve operational processes.

Commercial New Builds

Building a commercial building from the ground up is a significant, complex project. Having a high level of expertise in your construction management team will ensure careful planning, execution, and attention to detail throughout all building phases.

Commercial Renovations

Does your commercial space no longer meet your needs? Does your retail store or office need a complete remodel? Invicta Construction offers full-service commercial renovations. We can help remodel your space to increase function, aesthetics, and productivity.